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State Category Bill Last Action Synopsis Additional Info
Colorado Licensing H.B. 1136 01/13/2009 Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs and Labor Electrical Ed License Requirements monitor
Connecticut Satellite Dish Placement/Location S.B. 503 01/23/2009 Referred to Joint Committee on Energy and Technology. 2/17/09 SBCA submitted written testimony in opposition To require that the owner of any residential rental property be notified of and consent to the installation of a satellite dish on such property.
Connecticut Licensing 3/1/2008 SBCA worked with state to develop L5 exam and criteria Limited Energy License (L5) license required for all satellite technicians. SBCA worked with the state to write the license exam and have SBCA's certification progrma accepted as the prerequisite SBCA has received letter from state in support of our efforts and accepance of SBCA's certification course
Idaho Licensing Committee formed to create telecommunications license criteria and coverage. Committee created to define low voltage licensing categories and licensing criteria. SBCA working with RS&I (distributor) to monitor. Committee currently on hold due to infighing between electrical unions and businesses represented on committee.
Indiana Licensing H.B. 1436 01/13/2009 In House; Introduced; First reading: referred to Committee on Labor and Employment Electricians. Establishes the electrical industry licensing board. Establishes licensing requirements for electrical contractors. monitor
Iowa Licensing House File 897 licensing and certification for electricians and installers June of 2008 SBCA worked with electrical board to receive clarification that the low voltage exemption clause in the newly passed law does apply to satellite installers
Iowa Licensing/Low Power Certification H.S.B. 52 01/21/2009 Introduced An Act relating to electrician licensure by modifying existing classifications and specifying new classifications. first piece of legislation see directed specifically at low power licensing/monitor
Louisianna Licensing HB1732 7/14/08 While working with state to rewrite state licensign exam using SBCA certification as a basis, the state abolished licensing for satellite technicians.
Massachusetts Licensing No bill number yet - Licensing of Telecommunications Professionals. SBCA has developed talking points for lobbyist on the ground Establishes Electrical Board and includes definition of telecomminications that is overly broad 10th year in a row for introduction of this bill. Last year had most traction. We don't expect movement until end of Feb
Massachusetts Dish placement Bill in city of Boston attempt to limit dish placment to back of structure. SBCA met with Councilman Flaherty to educate him on current requrement. City dropped effort to enact dish placement bill.
Minnesota Licensing working to have proactive bill introduced 2/26/09. SBCA testified at electrical board hearing 2/17/09 regarding required continue education requirement for non-licensed registered installers Working on getting proactive legislation introduced following up with Electrical Board after bill introduction regarding pending continuing education requirements in proposed board rules
Mississippi DBS/Direct Broadcast Satellite S.B. 3107 01/19/2009 Introduced Amends the Mississippi code to include cable and satellite television systems in the definition of public utilities. monitor
Montana Licensing D. 1405 01/15/2009 Filed Revising Electrician Licensing Requirements monitor
Oklahoma Licensing H.B. 2203 02/02/2009 In House; First Reading An Act relating to technology; creating the Oklahoma Low-Voltage and Utility Contractors Act; providing for noncodification; and providing an effective date. filed by Dem minority leader NECA behind it . May be dead but issue will be studied. Should weigh in on study
Missouri Customer Service H.B. 181 01/08/2009 In House; Read Second Time/1/28/09 House Committee Meeting Prohibits a utility company supplying services from suing the owner of dwelling if a tenant is delinquent in paying; defines "utility company" to include a cable television service, telecommunications service, or other similar service. monitor
North Dakota Satellite Dish Placement/Location H.B. 1387 02/18/2009 In Senate; Introduced, first reading, referred Judiciary. SBCA submitted letter in oppositiom. SBCA testified at senate hearing 3/2/09 worked committee waiting for "do not pass' recommendation to go to full Senate. SBCA got local retailer in ND also to testify in opposition. Dish field manager on hand for technical expertise if needed. Relating to the authorization of installation of fixtures on a rental property; and to provide a penalty.
Rhode Island Licensing/ Low Power Certification 2008 SBCA worked with state to create Telecommunication System Limited Video subcategory. State accepted SBCA certification exam questions for use in state exam.
South Dakota Satellite Dish Placement/Location H.B. 1225 02/24/2009 House of Representatives Do Pass Amended, Failed, YEAS 16, NAYS 54. We had lobbyist on ground and had SBCA retail member write letters in opposition. Bill likely dead for rest of session Relating to the authorization of installation of fixtures on a rental property; and to provide a penalty.
Wyoming Licensing/Low Power Certification S.B. 80 01/14/2009 In Senate; Introduced and Referred to S03. SBCA testified at committee meeting and plans to have testimony given by SBCA 1/16/09 and Dish rep on 2/26/09. 2/28/09 Bill was tabled without vote by Senate President. Attempting to have it reheard. SBCA to begin working with Electrical Inspectors office to have SBCA certification accepted as part of state licesne exam. Exempts satellite television installers from licensing requirements; and providing for an effective date. SBCA also trying to work with the onerous appreticeship requirements.
Hazleton, PA SBCA provided talking points for Dish local rep to use at city council hearing prior to passage. SBCA sent letter notifying town that oridanance violates OTARD. SBCA working on attorney response to city attorney and mayor to urge repeal of ordinance
Philadelphia Pending ordiance - SBCA monitoring and plans to testify against
New Town St. Charles, MO upon notification of Ordinance that violates OTARD SBCA send notice to town of violation.
Shelbyville, KY upon notification of Ordinance that violates OTARD SBCA send notice to town of violation.