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May 2007 Newsletter

Legislative Update
OTARD Reporting
Thank You, Micaela

Legislative Update
Since the beginning of the 2007 legislative season, eleven state bills have been introduced that would either amend or introducing new laws requiring the licensure of telecommunication professionals.  Of the eleven bills, only three remain with any serious chance of passage.  The bills remaining are from Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Massachusetts has taken a broad stroke approach in proposing language to license telecommunications professionals. As proposed, the bill would create two telecommunication categories, contractor and technician.  To sit for the contractor exam an individual would need three years prior experience.  There is no prior experience requirement to sit for the technician exam.  However, all technicians may only perform work under supervision from a contractor.
The bills from both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin include language that would exempt satellite technicians from needing licenses.

Finally, the Iowa legislature passed into law a licensing scheme for electricians and telecommunications professionals.  The bill is currently awaiting signature from the Governor.  The Governor has until May 29th to sign it into law.

OTARD Reporting
April proved to be the busiest month in OTARD assistance for the SBCA’s Regulatory Affairs Department.  The total number of requests for assistance was nearly triple the monthly average from 2006.  But, like last year, requests from satellite customers governed by community associations reported the most interference to the installation of their satellite dish.  If your customers are experiencing obstacles installing their satellite dish from a city, county, rental property or community association please have them contact the SBCA at (202) 349-3640.

Thank You, Micaela
The SBCA thanks Micaela Corlew for her dedication to the satellite industry.  From January to late April, Micaela worked as the regulatory affairs intern.  She contributed significantly on a number of issues, including written communications, REGBRIEFS and the OTARD Booklet.
Simple Facts About OTARD

The rule applies to any "dish" antenna that is one meter (39.37") or less in diameter, but any size dish if located in Alaska.

Fun Fact About Washington, DC
George Washington enlisted Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, a French engineer who had served in the American Revolution, to create the capital.

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