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SBCA President DalBello Speaks at Washington’s Media Institute

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Alexandria, Va., May 13, 2004 –The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) president, Richard DalBello, spoke today on the satellite entertainment industry and the current federal legislative issues it’s facing at a luncheon hosted by the Media Institute. The luncheon was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC.

The Media Institute is an industry-funded forum where speakers representing the broadcast, cable, satellite and entertainment sectors address major topics facing the industry. Today’s audience included executives, industry lobbyists, media and government officials. DalBello’s speech focused on the satellite industry’s stellar first quarter results; the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act (SHVERA) that is currently being debated in Congress; and the issue of localism.

“It’s pretty simple really - satellite companies are offering a great product at a great price,” said DalBello.  “We are taking one of the world’s more complex technologies and putting it the palm of your hand in a format that’s simple enough for your mother to understand. But, perhaps most importantly – satellite services provide consumers with what they want most – a choice.”

DalBello’s address follows quickly on the heels of yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act, or SHVERA. DalBello touched on many of the issues the satellite industry as a whole supports in SHVERA including; digital white areas, significantly viewed stations and concerns about royalty rate increases. SHVERA, a reauthorization of the 1999 Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA), must be passed by Congress by the end of the year before the satellite industry’s compulsory copyright licenses expire. SBCA is encouraged by Congress’s progress on this bill and is pushing for their continued diligence - there may be committee mark-ups on SHERVA as early as next week.

“Although this process has been complex, we are encouraged by the progress being made. There seems to be a strong interest in both houses in putting satellite on a level playing field with cable,” continued DalBello. 

DalBello, who has more than 20 years experience in the communications and satellite industries, began his tenure as president of SBCA in April of this year.

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