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SBCA Releases Highlights of the 2004 Competitive Market Analysis

Alexandria, Va., Oct. 12, 2004 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) today released highlights from its 2004 Competitive Market Analysis: Competing for the Digital Customer. The study, based on a survey of 1000 persons, debuted to more than 200 people at the Digital Hollywood Conference in Santa Monica, California. SBCA and its Research Committee oversaw the research by the Taylor Research  & Consulting Group, Inc. This research is now available for purchase.

“SBCA’s 2004 Competitive Market Analysis confirms DBS is continuing to make significant gains in the marketplace and consumers are looking to the satellite service industry for increased value and choice,” said Richard DalBello, president SBCA. “Best of all, the DBS industry continues to blow away the competition when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.”

“With over 1,000 interviews fielded in July, this study provides unparalleled insight into both DBS and cable consumers,” said Ellen Quest, executive director of Media Research, Starz Encore Group and chair of SBCA Research Committee. “In-depth and unbiased analysis of consumer satisfaction, service switching and bundling, programming preferences, high speed internet, new technologies, among other things, makes this study, an incredibly valuable tool in understanding today’s consumer marketplace.”

SBCA’s 2004 Competitive Market Analysis concluded:

  • 56 percent of DBS subscribers were cable subscribers in the past - trying the alternative and rejecting it makes future switching of the DBS customer back to cable a difficult proposition

  • More DBS subscribers are satisfied with their service than cable customers – 80 percent versus 64 percent for cable

  • DBS leads in satisfaction even when measured against digital cable and this study also explains why by comparing customers’ perspectives of the quality of their products and services on both cable and DBS

  • With DBS only 10 percent of customers consider switching to digital cable, versus 23 percent of digital cable customers who might switch to DBS

This is just a small sample of the information included in SBCA’s 2004 Competitive Market Analysis. To purchase the complete study call Brian Lynch at 703-549-6990, ext. 361 or

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