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SBCA Offers Online NSTP Certification Database

WASHINGTON, DC, March 17, 2005 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) today announced the introduction of an online certification database for the Association’s National Standards and Testing Program (NSTP). This database will offer SBCA members improved ways to manage their business and ensure that their technicians meet industry requirements by giving them convenient and secure access to important certification information.

 “SBCA is pleased to bring this additional tool to our industry,” said Steve Hill, SBCA’s Vice President of Training and Technology. “An online certification database will provide technicians with a quick and easy tool to access the results of recent NSTP certification and re-certification tests. This database will also ensure that vendors can verify information to meet industry requirements. SBCA will continue to provide its members with educational programs and management tools to assist in ensuring satellite technicians are providing the best customer service possible.”

 SBCA’s new online certification database will:

  • Allow technicians to receive online the results of their certification or recertification course

  • Allow venders to verify a technician’s certification status

  • Verify that the technicians name matches their certification number

  • Provide vendors access to the level of NSTP certification that the technician has acquired

  • Verify when certification expires for both the technician and vendors

SBCA’s database is confidential and all personal information provided by certification candidates will be protected. Other than name, no private information is included.
Most satellite installation companies currently require or strongly encourage their technicians to have up-to-date SBCA certification. SBCA’s NSTP program currently offers two levels of certification, Residential and Commercial Installation. The online database will include information for both areas of certification along with information on future educational programs currently in development.

SBCA’s NSTP certification program is the benchmark in satellite installation and technology education for the satellite industry. SBCA has trained and tested more than 45,000 satellite technicians since the program’s inception in 2001.

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