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SBCA Shifts Focus Toward Education and Certification

WASHINGTON, DC, April 21, 2005 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) today announced a decision by its Board of Directors to move the satellite consumer services industry’s Association toward a focus on education and its National Standards and Testing Program (NSTP) certification program. Since 1986, SBCA has served as the voice of the industry to the public, to the government, and on Wall Street.

Tom Hayden, SBCA’s Chairman, released the statement below following the Board’s decision:

“After a long and challenging process, the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association’s Board decided today to refocus the Association in the direction of education.

“As often happens in an industry growing as quickly as ours, adjustments need to be made. The Board has therefore decided that the SBCA should focus on the areas where the industry most needs support.

“Although its overall mission will change, the SBCA’s level of commitment to this industry and hard work on its behalf will not. We look forward to the staff’s continued efforts on the education front and know that the SBCA’s concentration in this area will take education in the satellite consumer services industry to the next level.

“Since launching in 1986, the SBCA has made an indelible mark on the satellite industry. Today, largely due to this organization's efforts, there has been favorable legislation passed that has encouraged the development of the satellite industry, the National Standards and Testing Program was introduced, and a stronger and more unified industry was created. The SBCA, its staff both past and present, and its member companies should be very proud of the job they have done over the years in accomplishing the goals set out for this association.”

The Association has a distinguished history in education for the satellite consumer service industry. Its NSTP certification program is the benchmark in technology education for the satellite industry and training technicians for residential and commercial installs. The new organization will focus on expanding and developing the current education and training programs and creating new programs and trouble-shooting. This organization will continue to hold on-site education and training programs around the country. Since the program’s inception in 2001, the SBCA has trained and tested more than 45,000 satellite technicians.