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SBCA and B2B-TV Team Up to Develop National Training Program

Washington, D.C., January 21, 2008 -- The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) announced a partnership with B2B-TV to develop a national training program for distribution to their retail network.

“SBCA is pleased to work with B2B-TV to assist them in developing their dealer training program,” said Steve Hill, SBCA Vice President of Training and Technology. “There is a significant demand from property owners and management firms for satellite television services. The program we will be developing with B2B-TV will be available to retailers who have a current SBCA Commercial Certification and wish to offer B2B-TV services.”

“B2B-TV is excited to work with SBCA to develop this important training program,” said Weston Munselle, CEO of B2B-TV. “Working successfully within Class A commercial office buildings requires a thorough understanding of management authority, building rules and operational etiquette. By providing appropriate training to commercial satellite dealers nationwide, we can enhance the industry’s image and improve the working relationships between building management and satellite installation technicians.”

B2B-TV is a nationwide provider of DBS services specializing in multi-story commercial office buildings. They developed a proprietary high definition system designed to cost-effectively and efficiently deliver DBS services in commercial office buildings of any height. The system is pre-manufactured and shipped ready to install.

For more information on B2B-TV and their products, visit For more information on NSTP courses and SBCA partnership opportunities, contact Steve Hill at 703-963-0350 or

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