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SBCA to Offer Discounts on Pre-Employment Screening to Member Companies

Washington, D.C., May 26, 2009 -- The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) announced a partnership with Sterling Infosystems Inc in order to offer SBCA member companies discounts on Pre-Employment Screening.  

“Background checks and drug testing is a critical element of ensuring a quality customer experience and ensuring workplace safety,” stated Steve Hill, SBCA’s Deputy Executive Director. “In conversations with our members this is one of the most common items they have requested. By using the strength of its membership base we have been able to establish partnerships with a national firm to provide our members with significant discounts off of what they would pay independently.”

Sterling Infosystems, Inc is the leading provider of employment and background screening services, offering background checks, drug testing and other key verification and assessment services. More than 4,500 companies and industry leading organizations rely on Sterling to help them qualify and select high-integrity employees.  Damian Villegas, Sr. Regional Director of Business Development, said, “SBCA has a great commitment to bring affordable, quality screening services to its member companies.  We’re excited to partner with SBCA as our service offering will help contractor companies achieve greater safety for satellite customers, while experiencing best in class quality of service in background screening.”

The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association is the national trade organization representing all segments of the consumer satellite industry. It is committed to creating value added programs to improve the long term growth and sustainability of our member companies while continuing the industry’s leadership in protecting the rights of consumers and technician to access the best in satellite delivered services. Additional information can be found at

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